Introduction and brief History

The Limassol Sporting Club (LSC) was established on the 1st of July 1966 and is a founding member of the Cyprus Tennis Federation represented at the BOD since the Federation’s inception. The establishment of the club was initiated by three prominent citizens of Limassol in the garage of the house of Mrs Mary Mavropoulou.

After a brief period at Mavropoulou residence the club moved to the house of Mr Katsounotos at Gladstonos Street. By that time membership grew to more than 30 members. The first tennis court used by the members was the one at the Limassol Municipal Gardens.

At the beginning of the 1970’s the club was relocated to a house at the Limassol waterfront very close to the Catholic Cathedral of Limassol. The strong association of the club with tennis started at this location where a tennis court was constructed at the back of the house and the 1st coach from Greece Mr Miltos Zachos began tennis lessons at the club. The club’s penultimate move for a very brief period before its present location was at a house near Tsirion football stadium.

In the early 1980’s and during the presidency of Mr Akis Christophorou (subsequently entitled as hononary President of the club) the LSC moved to the current location in its own premises housing a gym, sporting facilities, six clay courts and two mini tennis courts.

During this time, the club has always employed 5 full time tennis coaches and several local players had reached the highest tennis ranking position in Cyprus having started their tennis career at the club. The most recent of our own players dominating the No1ranking in Cyprus for 5 consecutive years was Raresh Cuzdriorean who at the same was also a member of the Cyprus Davis Cup team. Raresh has since been a coach at the club. The highest ranked Cypriot 100 ATP player starting his career at the club was Marcos Bagdhadis who managed to reach No 8 in the world ATP rankings.


Our mission is:

  • To encourage the development of new young tennis players with love for the game and sports with the prospect for the most skilful and hard working to become professionals
  • To provide for our Senior members an attractive environment to play and compete
  • To keep all our members motivated always to play and participate in the club’s sporting & social events and activities


Our Vision is to be:

  • One of the most prominent Tennis and Social clubs in Cyprus and attract the top tennis events in the island
  • A true social destination for its members and families
  • On the tennis side to develop tennis players of all ages and skill levels to become both good players with sportsmanship, ethos and integrity